Nina Hofmann Küppers

Bild Nina Hofmann Küppers
As the head of the whole, all reins come together at my place. I am responsible for the education of the horses and compete them both nationally as internationally. I care about my clients personally, which is important to me.

Sofia Holmsell

Bild Torsten Küppers working with us since 2013. She has developed a lot since she came to us, and has worked her way up from being a groom to being a rider. Sofia has a good feeling, a strong desire and a lot of love for the horses.

Karin Tirfing an outgoing and reliable girl that always gives her best. She is working with us as a groom, with the great experience that she already worked as a groom in both England and Greece.


Caroline Lyvik

Bild Johanna Theorén a former client of mine that has now been with us since summer 2015, Carro is our secret weapon on the ground. She is really good with double longing and long reins.

Karin Wulff

Karin is our multitool. She is a talented photographer, organises everything we ask her to and helps were ever help is needed.


Torsten Küppers

Bild Torsten Küppers
Whether in sports or privately, Torsten is always by my side. We complement each other perfectly as a team to get the most out of us.

Ann and Kent Hofmann

My parents are a central pillar in the concept. Without them, all this would not be possible. Whether at home on the farm or on the show grounds in the world, they always watch my back.