The first experience on the back of a horse I collected 1993 at the age of five years on the pony of a friend in the local forests. Two years later my parents bought a farm in southern Stockholm, laying the foundation for my future career.

The same year (1995) I got my first own pony named Cleopatrah. I was ten years old when the first "real" dressage pony came to us, New Look which I have been very successful with up to L level. With her and my other pony named Vallery I spent two years later my first summer in Germany with Cornelia Endres at the stud Eulenhof to train. Vallery had a great personality and knew already most of the lessons up to Grand Prix. With and from her I learned a lot I did benefit from as a junior and young rider.

2002 and 2003, I rode with two ponies for the Swedish team and was able to achieve various national and international rankings and achievements. In the second year, I spent time with my ponies with Cornelia Endres in Germany to train again. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from her. I received valuable tips for dealing with the ponies and how I could prepare them ideal for training and tournaments.

At the age of 14 (2002), we bought my first horse. A mare from Denmark with which I collected first national and international experience on horses. In the same year as I sold my ponies, I got my second horse from Denmark

The nine-year-old gelding Leo af Magnushöj, by that time only in show jumping ridden and without any dressage experience. I fell for him instantly. That summer I was training at the Klosterhof Medingen in Germany with Burkhardt Wahler. The Klosterhof was compared to the very quiet stud Eulenhof a completely new experience. Burkhardt supported me at the first tournaments in Germany as well. The portuguese Nuno Palma e Santos worked as a rider at Burkards place. When he was not around or prevented, Nuno helped me instead.

I went back to Sweden but stayed in touch with Nuno. He took a new job in Berlin and visited me regularly in Sweden to support me during my training on site with my Swedish trainer. At the age of 16 (2004) I first rode in the juniors and later for the young rider in the Swedish team.

With Leo af Magnushöj and Boticello which came one year later to me, I had many successes on both national and international level. After my graduation I followed Nuno for another training session to Berlin in Germany. In November 2006 I took over responsibility for the stable on my parents farm.

Shortly after the European Championships in Nussloch 2007 I had my national Grand Prix debut on Leo in Germany and won immediatly. At the age of 19, that made me the youngest Grand Prix winner in Sweden at that time. After that I decided to compete him internationally in Flyinge Sweden too. That was a big step because further starts with Leo for the young riders where impossible from then.
The same year we won 5 more Grand Prix, were second in the Grand Prix Special, placed in Munich, and qualified for the freestyle.

During the subsequent two years, other young horses to train followed and I increased my commitment to the local business.
After another year in the international Grand Prix circus, I decided to go to Germany again to put the focus back on the sport. This time to the Gut Haidehof in Wedel near Hamburg, to my trainer Nuno who had now established his own stable. The daily training and much shorter ways to renowned competitions in Europe paid off and made 2010 the most successful year of my career. The award for "Star of Tomorrow 2010" at the Stockholm Globen Horse Show was the grand finale that year.

The success started also in 2011, almost every competition start was rewarded with a placement and I could gather a lot of experience and collect World cup points. At the age of 22 I was the youngest rider from Sweden who got qualified and participated in a World Cup final .

In the end of May I unfortunately had to get the second surgery of my foot, after I had crushed it winter 2009. It was a complicated surgery that forced me to take a break of four month from riding and required a slow recovery after. The winter season 2011 we began and ended fantastic. Leo and me came back at the German Classics where we hit our personal record in the Grand prix Freestyle with 76,25%.

We used the new spirit and headed for the Olympic Games in London 2012. Leo and I have been part of the top six of the Swedish A-Team and thereby on the shortlist. Before we could get ready for London we had to change the stable one last time. In the beginning of 2012 my horses and I returned to our farm in Sweden. This time together with my partner Torsten Küppers. The farm of my family offered simply the best conditions for an intensive preparation. Unfortunately Leo injured a muscle and made a competition preparation impossible. For Leo´s sake, and to respect fairness to all my teammates, I pulled us back from the selection. I learned another important lesson of life. To make the best of it. We used the extra time to get the stable going and to concentrate fully on my younger horses.
The goal is clear: The Olympic Games!

With the return to Sweden i began a new chapter in my life and created best conditions both privately as proffessionaly. The coming years turned out to become demanding in any way.

We decided to get a baby and the pregnancy with our daughter tied me more and more to the coach bench. At the same time we selected potential young horses and reorganised my coming stars. After the birth of Laura in January 2014 I had to get back on my horses as soon as possible. It felt amazing to finally be back in the saddle. It was a serious accident in the arena which unfortunately extend my baby break.

I am happy to be back on track now and to compete my horses again. Beeing located in in my own stable with young and talendet horses gives me confidence to a promising future. Please find the latest news regarding events and competitions in the news ticker (link home), my blogg or/and on my sites on the social networks.