Bild Pferd Shorena
Born 2007
San Remo - Don Crusador

Shorena came to us in the winter time 2012, she is a very talented young mare.
I fell in love at first sight, we hope for a really bright future.
Shorena has a lot of winnings up to Intermediaire 1, and is now working towards Grand Prix.



Bild Pferd Aura
Born 2002

Aura aka the miracle had been mine for 8 years.. Until 2013 she was the biggest hope in my stable because of her quality and talent, but than an accident happened in her box while rolling, she got stuck and broke her neck in two places.
Everybody told us that its time to give up, but we gave her time and some more time..
Now three years later Aura is back in full training, we still take it step by step but the future looks bright so the big hope for the years to come starts to come back.

Frida Gold

Bild Pferd Frida Gold
Born 2010
First Nymphenburg-First Heinrich

Frida Gold came to us in the summer -16, she is an amazing mare that is quite green for her age. She has smooth and big movements, very electric and sensitive.
This winter is for building her up and we are looking forward for what next year brings...


Bild Pferd Carlee
Born 2011
Carrico - Consulting

Her movement, mechanic and fantastic mind caught me from the very first moment. She is still young and we will take it slow in the beginning to give this "magic" horse a solid base.

Leo af Magnushöj

Bild Pferd Leo af Magnushöj
Born 1995
Rohdiamant - Leonardo 2

Leo was 9 years old when we bought him, we have made the journey from L up to Grand Prix together.
We have a lot of winnings and placement through junior, young rider and senior time.
Leo is a sensitive soul and has always been the diva of the stables.
Every training session needs to start with two sugars..

In the end of 2012 i decided it was time for me to retire him for the internationell competions.
Leo has been the most amazing partner for almost 9 year and I thank him for this time and I will keep treating him like the star he his.

Horses to remember


Bild Pferd Lusingando
Lanciano-Lucky Light

Due to akut illness we hade to let this fantastic horse move on, my heart is broken.
I had him for a little bit more than 4 years, he was a horse with a very heavy luggage but for every year we had together it goy lighter.
Lusingando taught me a lot about patiens, humbleness and courage..
This amazing gentleman will forever be in my heart and will be forever missed.

Diamond Dancer

Bild Pferd Diamond Dancer
Diamond Hit-Lothringer

Diamond was with me for a little more than 6 years, we grew a special bound during those years, it was not only easy but he showed me than it was worth the wait and struggle,he grew in to this really amazing horse.
We had winnings and placement up to Intermediare 1, and he had the quality for much more..
It was an honur to have and educate this amazing horse.


Bild Pferd Boticello
Brindisi – Blue Grenadier

Boticello was with me for 6 years. He taught me incredibly a lot and it was a hounor for me to ride and own him.
We had a lot of winnings and placement both national and international as junior and youngrider.
“Boti” had a special mind and character that was not always easy to handle but when you knew he him, he did it all for you!
He will always have a special place in our hearts!